Fastest growing transit media in Baltics

High-mileage cars

Choose from more than 300 high-mileage cars all over Latvia. 

Taxis, food courier cars and private cars that all are used every day and generate high mileage.

Rear window or both sides. Can do also both. The choice is yours.

Yes! We have cars available for advertisements in almost every big city across Baltics.

Routes of these cars cover mostly all parts of the city. More frequently they appear in places where business and consumer culture takes place – shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, etc. 

Mobile billboards

Widely known mobile billboards generating millions of impressions in cities since 2005.

Indeed, that is the beauty of mobile billboard that it can be placed in places where other media are simply not present.

Yes, we do that. You decide about the route and our drivers tow the trailer around the city.

White buses

White bus serves as perfect mobile billboard. Place it in any parking you want.

Around 1 full day and you are ready to go. Just tell us where to park it. 🙂

Regional buses

100 regional buses will take your brand to any regional city.

Ads are being put on the rear window of the bus.

This is your chance!

Call us and we will accelerate your brand awareness.