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One tap

Create campaign

Select campaign preferences like duration, media types & location.

Select vehicles

Choose preferred vehicles for your campaign, see their routes and plan
the coverage.

Upload creative

Upload your ad design for each placement.

No, you have to make just one design template and sticker installment partners will adjust the design specifically for each of the car just before printing.

Measure ROI

Follow impressions count and measure coverage in real time. Track every car and see mileage. Generate reports as you go.

During an advertising campaign each driver uses Autopromo mobile application in active regime which sends live location data to your campaign dashboard.

We gather information about driver’s live location during campaigns, city areas visited, frequency of movement, population numbers all over the city, advertising spots and information about the traffic flows in the city.

Heat map is created according to the car routes and frequency of movement. Heat map shows the city parts your ads have visited the most. The more red the city part is colored, the more your ads have appeared there.

Submit & Go!

Submit your campaign and watch your moving ads take over the city!