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From privately owned cars to taxis and food couriers, from trailers to buses – our performance ad platform connects brands with moving vehicles. 


Twice as visible

Moving billboards catch attention twice as effective as regular billboards due to its high frequency.

10x frequency

Moving billboard is exposed ten times more as other billboards, making this advertising medium as one with most significant impact.

Create flashmobs

You can determine specific route where vehicles must drive or just target specific areas where to park vehicles all around city!

Get higher response and bigger coverage!

Branded vehicles give the perfect extension for traditional OOH in order to reach audience in places where other media are simply not present.

Trusted by

Brands that chose Autopromo cars and mobile billboards to deliver their OOH campaigns.


RIMI Drive OOH: Mobile billboard informing about grocery pick-up location of RIMI e-store, April 2020

Starlex Real Estate OOH: Cars wrapped with stickers on rear windows and partial wraps on sides delivering message about consultancy in property-management, December 2019

"An effective way to reach a wide audience"

Autopromo platform gave Starlex Real Estate the opportunity to reach audience in places other media could not.

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